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In Phi Eta Sigma, we believe in providing opportunities for our students to grow holistically through the development of their mind, health, and character. These three values provide the foundational component for all Phi Eta Sigma programming at the National and Regional levels. 

Follow the links below to learn about Phi Eta Sigma programming in each of these areas. 







We honor what students have already achieved with their minds and grant them opportunities to continue developing their minds. We prioritize personal and professional development in our programming and by offering leadership opportunities to help our members grow.

We provide leadership development through our Chapter Operations 101 series that takes essential operational skills for chapter leaders and illustrates how those skills are transferrable outside of Phi Eta Sigma. 

A well cared for body has been a part of Phi Eta Sigma's vision of health since its inception. 

In Phi Eta Sigma, we provide opportunities for students to learn and progress in their own health journeys through our annual 5K; partnering with apps to provide exclusive benefits and programming for our students; and hosting workshops with guest speakers on topics relevant to physical and mental health. 

Phi Eta Sigma chapters have been performing philanthropic and service  activities for decades, but it was not until the honor society adopted literacy as its philanthropic mission that its efforts in that area were boosted on national, regional, and local levels.

From book drives to STEM and financial literacy workshops, Phi Eta Sigma chapters are charged with serving their community to improve literacy and build competencies within their campus and local communities. 


Member of Distinction Program

Phi Eta Sigma's Member of Distinction program gives students a chance to earn a commendation and a special level of distinction by participating in qualifying national and local chapter events. In addition to earning this significant honor, Members of Distinction will receive exclusive graduation regalia, special programming opportunities, and a commendation to include on Phi Eta Sigma scholarship applications. 

Students earn Member of Distinction status by maintaining a 3.5 GPA or higher, being a member in good standing with their local chapter, and earning at least 4 qualifying points related to our core values of developing one's mind, health, and character (point opportunities are detailed below).


Students can apply for Member of Distinction beginning March 1, and the deadline each year is April 1. 


Each year, Phi Eta Sigma hosts national events that celebrate our members, create opportunities for personal development, and cultivate a network of community of scholars. 

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