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Privacy Policy

Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Inc. (“Phi Eta Sigma” or “the Society”) is committed to protecting the privacy of its website visitors and prospective and current members. To that end, Phi Eta Sigma has adopted this policy governing the information collection and handling activities of the Society’s national office.


“Personally identifiable information” means any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate the person to whom such information pertains. Personally identifiable information does not include aggregate information or information from which personally identifiable elements have been removed. “Essential information” means any information required by law to be maintained or used and any information necessary to offer or confirm membership in the Society, protect the Society’s interests, or provide a product or service requested by (or respond to an inquiry initiated by) an individual.



This policy applies to all personally identifiable information held or used by the national office of Phi Eta Sigma. The Society’s chapters are encouraged to adopt similar privacy policies and to comply with any applicable privacy rules at their institution.


Collection, Storage & Use

Phi Eta Sigma will collect, store, use, disclose, and retain personally identifiable information only as permitted by (and in compliance with) applicable law, and only to the extent necessary and consistent with the purposes and operations of the Society. Phi Eta Sigma will provide personally identifiable information to third parties only as required by law or as necessary for the Society to carry out its operations. When members join the Society, they consent to give Phi Eta Sigma their personal identifying information. The Society may use this information from time to time to communicate information about the Society and may share this information with the Society’s partners (“Participating Companies”) that have entered into agreements with Phi Eta Sigma in return for the right to use Phi Eta Sigma’s name and access the personal identifying information of its members. Individuals may opt-out of such communications and disclosures as described below. In all cases, the Society will (where possible) condition such disclosures on the third party’s agreement to limit the use of such information and to destroy or return all such information to the Society. Phi Eta Sigma will publicly disclose the names of individuals who serve in national leadership positions and will provide professional contact information for these individuals upon request by third parties. Phi Eta Sigma will not retain personal information any longer than necessary for the Society’s purposes.



Phi Eta Sigma will strive to ensure that personally identifiable information in its control is accurate and complete. Phi Eta Sigma encourages individuals to inform the Society’s national office whenever they believe personally identifiable information about them maintained by the Society is inaccurate or incomplete.


Opt-Out & Removal

Phi Eta Sigma will give any person about whom it maintains personally identifiable information the opportunity to opt out of the use of that information

for marketing, fundraising, solicitation, or other communications other than those necessary to communicate essential information. Members may opt-out of receiving such communications from Phi Eta Sigma by sending an email to that effect to Phi Eta Sigma will, upon request, remove from its records any personally identifiable information that it maintains about any person, except for essential information.


Web Site

Phi Eta Sigma’s website located at does not require visitors to provide any personally identifiable information in order to access all pertinent information about the Society. Phi Eta Sigma will collect personally identifiable information on visitors to its website only as required by law or as necessary to protect the Society’s interests or provide the information requested by the visitor, and only after having provided notice and obtained consent to the collection of such information.



Phi Eta Sigma will employ technological and other means to ensure the security and integrity of the personally identified information it maintains. The security measures used by the Society will be appropriate to the nature of the information and the potential harm to individuals of its unauthorized disclosure or use. The Society will destroy records containing personally identifiable information in such a manner as to avoid any reasonably foreseeable risk of the information being recovered. Phi Eta Sigma will exercise special care when disposing of computers, recording devices, and other technologies to ensure that any personally identifiable information they might contain is erased or destroyed.


Training and Enforcement

Phi Eta Sigma will train its personnel in the requirements of this policy and will use all appropriate means to ensure that the policy is followed.



Phi Eta Sigma may revise or amend this policy from time to time. 



Any questions about Phi Eta Sigma’s privacy policy, website practices, or information collection and handling procedures may be directed to the national office by email at or by phone at (205) 348-0975.

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