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Dr. Mel Norwood

Winston-Salem State University

WSSU Headshot.jpg

Dr. Mel Norwood is the Associate Provost & Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at Winston-Salem State University. In Spring 2022, Dr. Norwood became the Advisor of Phi Eta Sigma's newest chapter charter at Winston-Salem State University. Get to know more about him below!

Q: What are you most looking forward to about serving as the advisor to your new PES members?

A: "Serving as the advisor to the newly chartered Winston-Salem State University chapter is truly an honor. I previously served as advisor to the Edward Waters College (now University) chapter which was already established. In this role, I get to assist our students in shaping and molding the chapter to meet their needs in college and beyond."

Q: How do you think PES will benefit the students on your campus?

A: "Our students are ecstatic about joining Phi Eta Sigma. This honor society helps us encourage and reward academic excellence while giving our new students a marker for success."

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