Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Founders Fund Scholarship Application

Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is required to be eligible to apply for our scholarships. Applications by non-members will not be considered. New members being inducted after March 1 are not eligible to apply until the next academic year.

In accordance with Phi Eta Sigma's Constitution and Laws, the Founders Fund Scholarship Committee evaluates applications and awards the following scholarships funded by the Founders Scholarship Fund:

  • one $10,000 Thomas Arkle Clark Scholar-Leader of the Year Scholarship;
  • one or more $7,500 Distinguished Member Graduate Scholarships;
  • one or more $6,000 Distinguished Member Undergraduate Scholarships; and
  • one or more $1,000 undergraduate awards.

All applications are considered for the Thomas Arkle Clark Scholar-Leader of the Year Award.

For undergraduate scholarships, chapters may nominate at least 2 applicants. Chapters that inducted 300 or more new members during the previous academic year may nominate one additional applicant for each 300 additional inductees (300-599 inductees = 3 applicants, 600-899 inductees = 4 applicants, 900-1199 inductees = 5 applicants, 1200-1499 inductees = 6 applicants, etc.).

National Deadline: March 1

Contact the national office at 270-745-6540 or [email protected] with questions.


Applicants: We strongly recommend that you prepare your responses to the six essay questions below using a word processing document and keeping in mind the character limits specified below for each question. Allow your adviser to review your document prior to submitting this form. Be aware that your adviser may have a local deadline. Your responses can be copied and pasted into the form fields below, but cannot be edited once this form is submitted.

Undergraduate Applicants: If your application is nominated for the national scholarship program, your adviser is required to login to our website to approve your application after you submit the application online. Advisers will receive notification of applications pending their approval.

Graduate Applicants: You may submit your completed application below by the national deadline. Adviser approval is not required, but is preferred.


The student's GPA is * based on a * system. (e.g., GPA is 3.5 based on a 4.0 system)

Written Response: Items 1-6 below require extensive information. Respond by providing a concise narrative description. Limit your response to the space provided (you may not attach documents).

1) Describe your plans for academic study (disciplines and schools, how you plan to use your education, etc.). Make sure to note any unusual aspects of your academic plans (e.g., December graduation, enrollment in a joint degree program, change of schools, internships or externships, etc.). 1700 character limit *

2) List and describe your academic achievements (such as scholarships & awards, induction into other honor societies or elite groups/organizations). 1700 character limit *

3) Describe your specific individual volunteer (i.e., unpaid) contributions to Phi Eta Sigma at the chapter, regional, and/or national level. 3600 character limit *

4) Describe your specific individual volunteer (i.e., unpaid) contributions to organizations or activities (community, professional, leadership, co-curricular, etc.) other than Phi Eta Sigma. 3600 character limit *

5) Describe an example of your creativity, resourcefulness, innovativeness, uniqueness, impact, or other "intangibles" (the sort that ordinarily don't show up on a resume). 3600 character limit *

6) Summarize your work experience (on/off-campus work, internships), and include the experience gained and any contributions made. 3600 character limit *

Applicant Acknowledgements: By checking each box below, I confirm the following:



Applicants must submit a copy of their most current academic transcript(s). Unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable if approved by the adviser.

Transcript(s) *

Recommendation Letters: Applicants may submit up to three (3) letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation are helpful, but they are not required. *Alternatively recommenders may send letters directly to Phi Eta Sigma at [email protected] and they will be attached to your application.

Letter of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation