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5K for $10K


October 14, 2021 will bring us exactly one year away from our 2022 National Convention in Birmingham, Alabama, and we are starting the countdown leading up to the convention with a virtual 5K race among our chapters with the goal of raising $10,000 for Literacy Programs.


We are encouraging all members and chapters to participate in this event and raise money for the Imagination Library. There will be prizes for individuals and chapters who raise the most money between September 8 and the end of the 5K on October 28. You can sign up now for the run through the RunSignUp portal linked here.


Participants will be able to complete their run between Oct. 14 and 28, with each runner able to provide a personalized link to donors or sponsors. Any questions about the 5K can be answered by Brett Hudson at or 205-348-4805.

This is going to be a great event that kick starts our year-long campaign of fundraising and book donation drives leading up to our centennial convention in Birmingham next fall. Sign up today and begin fundraising, then get ready to run your race during October 14-28!

Click HERE or on the image to the right to go to RunSignUp and Register for the 5K Race!

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5K Fundraising Prizes

Phi Eta Sigma's virtual 5K is serving as more than an opportunity to raise money for Literacy Programs. The most successful fundraisers (both chapters and individuals) could qualify for added benefits, including significantly reduced cost to attend our 2022 National Convention in Birmingham, Alabama, graduation regalia, apparel and more! See below for details.

Individual Prizes

All individuals participating in the 5K are eligible for the following prizes equally, with no division among school size, etc.

  • $100 raised — A point toward Member of Distinction status.

  • $250 raised — The Member of Distinction point plus a honor cord, honor medallion and a special Phi Eta Sigma 5K commemorative sticker.

  • $500 raised — The Member of Distinction point and above bonuses plus your choice of a windbreaker or quarter-zip pullover, plus your choice of a black or white hat.


The top three members in funds raised also qualify for significant financial assistance in attending our 2022 National Convention.

  • 1st place — Early bird registration fee waived plus a $750 travel stipend for travel to and from the convention, in addition to a reception with the executive committee the evening before the convention and special recognition during the convention.

  • 2nd place — Early bird registration fee waived and a $500 travel stipend for travel to and from the convention.

  • 3rd place — Early bird registration fee waived and a $500 travel stipend for travel to and from the convention.

*Member must raise at least $1,000 to qualify for these prizes

Chapter Prizes — Total Money Raised

Chapters will be divided into three tiers (available by clicking here) by approximate size, based on recent induction numbers. The following prizes are awarded in each of the three tiers.

  • 1st — 3 early bird registration fees waived for the 2022 National Convention

  • 2nd — 2 early bird registration fees waived

  • 3rd — 1 early bird registration fee waived


*Chapter must raise at least $2,500 to qualify for these prizes

Chapter Prizes — Number of Participants who raise at least $100

The same tiers from above will apply to this competition, where chapters promote engagement both in numbers and in substance, getting as many of its members to raise $100 as possible. The following prizes will be awarded in each tier.

  • 1st — $300 to the chapter for programming (food for chapter meetings, chapter activity, further philanthropic efforts, convention travel, etc.)

  • 2nd — $200 to the chapter for programming

  • 3rd — $100 to the chapter for programming

*Chapters must have at least 10 members raise $100 to qualify

Member of Distinction

Participate in qualifying national and local chapter events to earn points toward your Member of Distinction status.

Phi Eta Sigma has launched a new Member of Distinction program. Phi Eta Sigma students will have the chance to earn a commendation and a special level of distinction by participating in qualifying national and local chapter events. The first class will be recognized at the 2022 National Convention. In addition to earning this significant honor, Members of Distinction will receive exclusive graduation regalia and special programming opportunities.

Any Phi Eta Sigma member meeting all of the following requirements is eligible to be a Member of Distinction

Participate in a minimum of four Member of Distinction qualifying programs

Have a cumulative grade point average of  3.5 on a 4.0 scale

Be a member in good standing with your local chapter.

Member of Distinction Qualifying Programs

​National Office:​​​

  • Character: Raise $100 or more for philanthropic projects related to literacy

  • Character: Volunteer 5 or more hours of service related to literacy

Local Chapter:

  • Local chapter programming and events may count as one of your required qualifying programs. 

Previous Point Opportunities:

  • Mind: Attend Healthy Cooking Demonstration Webinar featuring Ada Ruth Huntley on November 22 at 7:00 PM CST

  • Health: Participate in the 2021 5K for $10K Run

  • How to Get the Most Out of an Internship with Margaret Ila Christian from Lockheed Martin: February 16, 2022 at 5:00 PM CST.

  • Health: Attend Mental Wellness Webinar on March 1, 2022, at 6:00 PM CST featuring Taylor Wesley. 

  • Convention Webinar for Members: Thursday April 14th at 3 PM CST

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Once you have completed all the requirements to earn Member of Distinction status, you must fill out and submit an application to the National Office.

Philanthropic Mission




The Phi Eta Sigma Executive Committee is excited to announce the Society has adopted the promotion of literacy as our national philanthropic mission.  Literacy is not only the ability to read and write, but it also represents a competence or knowledge in a specific area. As the largest and oldest honor society recognizing first-year college students, Phi Eta Sigma is positioned to make a significant contribution to literacy efforts as our philanthropic mission. Through work at the chapter, regional, and national levels, we will be extending our motto of

“knowledge is power” in meaningful ways. Our hope is that by providing this focus on philanthropic efforts, Phi Eta Sigma will be able to concentrate our service efforts in ways that aligned with our values, but also allow for creativity among our students. We want chapters to be able to serve their campuses and communities in ways that fulfill needs in the area and provide ways for members to connect with the society in new and exciting ways. 



This year, we were excited to announce a new philanthropic competition component of the Phi Eta Sigma National Convention. Chapters submitted a 500 word summary and photos of their chapter's philanthropic work related to literacy promotion for a chance to win $500 for their continued service efforts. 

After reviewing the many great submissions from chapters all across the country, it was determined that Syracuse University be the winner of the contest and prize money. Congratulations and thank you to all who participated!


Potential Philanthropy- Related Events for your Chapter...


Host a Used Book Drive for Local Schools and Public Libraries


Care Packages with Books for Veterans or Deployed Military Troops


Social Media Literacy Program for Nursing Home Residents


Financial Budget Literacy Classes for High School and College Students


Reading Days at local elementary schools for Dr. Suess' Birthday


Host a Fundraiser to Contribute to Efforts in Publishing Books in Different Languages and/or Braille


Cultural Literacy Programs for Campuses and the Community


The Forum of Phi Eta Sigma


The Forum of Phi Eta Sigma is published annually as the official magazine of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Inc. It contains a comprehensive and current overview of the Society's yearly accomplishments. 

Each new member receives a copy of the current issue following induction, and an appropriate number of copies for distribution is sent to each chapter adviser in January of each year.


Hints on Learning & Studying

Hints on Learning and Studying is an extremely popular study tool developed initially for Phi Eta Sigma by Dr. R. J. Van Tassel, a psychology professor at Miami University of Ohio. Originally printed as an 8-page pamphlet, this copyrighted publication at one time saw annual distribution of approximately 175,000 copies without charge to campuses that host a chapter of Phi Eta Sigma. This pamphlet, which has undergone several revisions since its inception, addresses effective study habits such as preparation for studying, productive reading, note taking, and memorizing skills, as well as suggestions for the successful preparation of term papers and preparing for exams. 

Our members and chapter leaders have found many creative and helpful uses for this study guide, in addition to applying its concepts to their individual learning program. 

  • General orientation sessions for new members

  • A resource for tutoring fellow students

  • Community service projects such as volunteer tutoring programs for

  • local schools

  • A means of promoting the aims and objectives of Phi Eta Sigma

The “Hints” publication is now available only online. Chapter leaders will want to refer to the link in their Phi Eta Sigma recruiting and promotional material, as well as in any tutorial programs they may provide.